Storage Done Right!
Storage Done Right!

Do I need Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate conditions can inflict costly damage on certain items.  "Biological Contaminants" like mold, mildew, dust mites, bacteria; even viruses can ruin your valuables.  Climate controlled storage units can allow you to control the temperature levels in the storage unit.  The items you plan to store will determine whether or not you need to use Climate Control.

What am I storing?


If you are storing things of an organic make up there is a possibility that it will succumb to degradation.  Things like clothing and fabric are hotbeds of activity for mold and mildew.  The last thing you want when reintroducing a  piece of furniture back into your home is musty smelling furniture full of mold spores.  Though our climate here in Utah is relatively dry there are many factors that can change the outside environment such as the temperature of the roof of your storage unit and fluctuations in temperature that can leave condensation.  Many have joked about our weather here  saying “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 minutes and it will change”!  The condensation that temperature fluctuations can be destructive in its own right, but that moisture also gives mold and decay the opportunity to flourish!

The following should be climate controlled:


Electronic Equipment and Computers
Art, Books, and Musical Instruments such as pianos and guitars
Fine Textiles, Fur, Seasonal Wardrobes 
Wood Furniture

Protect your fine furniture and art!

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