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Storage Done Right!

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Moving Tips

You'll be surprised by how much is involved in the moving process. Even with your experts on hand, getting ready for your move will always take longer than you think. With this in mind, we at Legacy Highway Storage thought it might be a good idea to give everyone who reads this site some handy advice which, if followed, can help make the whole process go a lot smoother.


Tip 1:


Preparation and planning are essential components of a successful, cost-effective move. 


Tip 2:


The best way to save money is to do the packing yourself. Remember though to pack only what you can lift.


Tip 3:


Make sure you pack your belongings properly and label each box clearly. Pack your books and other heavy objects in small boxes so they're easier to handle. Squat, don't bend over, and use your legs to lift any heavy objects. Also, disassemble large furniture pieces so they'll fit easily through the



Tip 4:


These steps will cut down on the time it takes your movers to load and unload your belongings, and will help you save money on your move.

Storage Tips

Select the appropriate size unit for your stored items. A unit too small will result in boxes being damaged from repeatedly crawling over and handling them to get to other items. For a few dollars more per month you can get a unit large enough to have an aisle to provide access to your stored items. .Label each box and assign a priority (1,2,3) based on those you will need most often.


  • Store items you’ll need most often in the front
  • Make sure that any food items from your pantry, not sealed in plastic or metal containers are not packed in boxes to avoid attracting rodents.  
  • Store high end electronics, paintings, and high-end wood furniture in a climate controlled unit. (See Climate Controll tab)
  • Clean and dry appliances.
  • Keep refrigerator door slightly ajar and use the space inside those items for extra storage. Place an opened Baking Soda refrigerator deodorizer in the bottom of the appliance.
  • If storing a washer make sure all water has been drained from tub and hoses to prevent freezing during winter storage.
  • Disassemble tables and use shelving to take full advantage of the storage space.
  • Store couches on end except sofa beds.
  • Wardrobe boxes allow you to store clothing on hangers- Shoes can be stored at the bottom of the wardrobe box.
  • Use specially designed  boxes and protective wrapping materials for dishes, lamps, mirrors, etc.
  • Pack each carton completely, store heavier items on bottom and lighter items on top.
  • Never over pack boxes. Overfilled boxes will rupture and topple when stacked.
  • Pack books flat, not standing on end, which may damage their spines.
  • Do not store items such as candles that can melt in extreme summer temperatures and damage items in the same box.
  • Label your boxes with the appropriate label where the boxes came from in your home, such as Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, so you can easily identify where the boxes are going when they come out of storage.
  • Drain the gas from any motorized vehicles being stored and place a waterproof tarp under them to prevent oil stains on the storage unit floor.
  • Remove propane tanks from barbeque grills.  They cannot be stored!
  • Store seasonal items together and in the order that they will be needed. For example put Christmas items at the front of the storage unit if you are moving in to your storage unit in the fall.
  • Do not store food items in your storage unit as they will attract insects and rodents. Storage units that are not climatized are susceptible to extreme temperature changes are not good for food items, canned or packaged.
  • Cover any fine furniture with plastic covers to prevent dust from saturating the fabric. Place a couple of fabric softener sheets in with each item to prevent musty smells.
  • Have extra keys made for your lock and keep them in your glove box in an envelope with your storage unit number and access code. Disc locks are expensive to cut as they have to be ground off with a grinder.
  • Take photos of any collections you may be storing and place them in a safety deposit box for insurance purposes.
  • Don't forget to call your insurance agent to advise him or her that you will be storing your belongings.  Some insurance companies don't cover your items in storage.  Storage insurance can be purchased through Safestor.(See link below) 








Check out Safestor Tenant Insurance
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